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    Default Universal Smash Bros 3: Heroes' resurgance!

    It was a dark and stormy night as the Villains camped around the trophy hoard. At last, they had done it. They had outsmarted all those irritating so-called ‘heroes’ and defeated them all! Well, almost… That was the thing that kept everyone irritable, even for Villains. There were a couple heroes missing. Everyone was ready for world domination, and there was one last hero MISSING! Ganondorf gritted his teeth in anger as he waited. Ridley was amusing himself tearing up the Midair Stadium arena to keep him from going crazy. Now instead of conquering the world, they were camped out in ambush in the trophy hoard, waiting for that blasted Diddy Kong so they could tie up loose ends. He would come. K. Rool had seen to that. Now all they had to do was wait. They hated waiting.


    Diddy Kong hopped and swung his way through the jungle with determination stamped on his face, his girlfriend Dixie following close behind. It had taken a while, but they were finally approaching Midair Stadium. They crept closer to it, but froze when they heard a draconian shriek.
    “That doesn’t sound much like K. Rool.”
    “Let’s check it out before we go in…”

    From inside the Stadium, if one happened to be looking in the right direction, you might see a monkey being thrown over the rim and hovering in the air a short time before dropping back down. However, no one happened to be looking in that direction since Mewtwo and Sephiroth had gotten into another argument regarding the finer points of mind control. Outside the Stadium, Diddy team-threw Dixie in the air a couple more times to let her get a view using her helicopter spin.
    “What do you see?”
    “There’s TONS of them! ALL the Villains are there! They’ve captured everybody, not just DK!”
    “We got to save them!”
    “We need a plan though…”

    -a few minutes later-

    A loud roar was heard, and the Villains all spun around to see Diddy Kong fly over the top of the stadium riding his Rocketbarrel jetpack, dual wielding his Peanut Popguns. With a shout he opened fire, raining down a flurry of peanuts on the Villains.
    K. Rool opened fire, shooting spiky kannonballs into the air while Ridley launched up into the air with a powerful leap, spraying fire breath all over the sky. They were all focused on Diddy’s acrobatic feats, that no one noticed Dixie Kong gliding in from the stands using her Helicopter Spin again until it was almost too late. With a roar, the Covenant Elite drew his Plasma Sword and slashed at Dixie, barely missing her as she tumbled out of the way. Ganondorf lunged toward her, but a few peanut shots to the head from Diddy made him flinch long enough for her to leap him and smack him in the face with her ponytail before dashing off into the trophy hoard. With a touch to the base, she re-activated the trophy of Donkey Kong, who let out a deafening roar. He grabbed a stunned Bowser, and lifted him over his head before throwing him at Wolf O’Donnel who had been running towards his Wolfen, knocking the former out of the way, and damaging the latter. DK then turned and smacked K. Rool upside the head before turning and reviving Samus. Assessing the situation quickly, she located Ridley in the sky, charged up a shot, and hitting him square in the back. He shrieked and abandoned Diddy to go and charge his hated rival. Diving out of the way of Ridley’s charge, Samus activated Pikachu’s trophy. With an angry ‘Pika!’ Pikachu leaped on top of Samus’ helmet and launched himself as a electrified missile at Kind Dedede, stunning him with a quick shock before dashing off into the trophy hoard. Soon, a flash was seen, and Lucario charged up his Aura and started sparing with Mewtwo, aura spheres and shadow balls flying back and forth. Quickly, the number of revived heroes grew exponentially, each newly freed hero rescuing one or two others before joining the fight.
    Soon, Mario was tossing Bowser around and throwing fireballs while the StarFox team were grouped together laying down blaster fire. Link was dueling with Ganondorf, with Zelda proving magical support, while Ike, Marth, and Meta Knight lent their swords to the cause.

    The battle raged on for hours, the Villains being slowly pushed back. Bowser roared.
    “No! We can’t lose! We were so close!”
    Ganondorf called to him, after throwing Pit off of him.
    “Use the device! There are too many!”
    “Not again! We’ve done this twice already!”
    “We don’t have any other options!”
    “DO IT!”
    Bowser drew out an artifact, concentrated, and a bright flash of light stunned everyone there. When everyone recovered, once more they were all in different forms, some familiar, some not. Some even shared the same form.
    “Hey, I’m Ike!”
    “No, I’m Ike!”
    “You’re both lying, I’m Ike!”
    Several of the confused crowd rolled their eyes. Here we go again…

    It is now...

    -54 hours remain-

    Universal Smash Bros 3: Heroes' Resurgance!

    Narrator: PhantomFox
    Co-narrator: Alarra!
    Game Start: March 1st

    This is the game where everyone, yes EVERYONE, has a role! Nobody is left out! Everyone has a unique and useful contribution to make to their team! It's going to be wild and crazy, but the core concepts are still the same as you're average werewolf!

    The Bulletin Board will make its return in this game. PM me a message that you want posted annonmyously, and the narrators will put it up (when we get around to it).

    Player List 11/49:
    Dirk Kris
    Uncle Festy

    Master Hand's Trophy Hoard: 38
    Fin - KO'd Day 1 - Villain
    Szilard - Killed by the Villains Night 1 - Nintendo
    Helgraf - Falcon Punch'd Night 1 - Team Mario
    Istari - KO'd Day 2 - Nintendo
    Murska - KO'd Day 3 - 3rd Party
    Wolfbane - Killed by the Villains Night 3 - Nintendo
    TwoBitWriter - Killed by the Villains Night 3 - 3rd Party
    Dallas-Dakota - Fatally corrupted Night 3 - Team Mario
    Zar Peter - KO'd Day 4 - Nintendo
    Zaragon - Autolynched Day 4 - 3rd Party
    Supagoof - Killed by the Villains Night 4 - Nintendo
    Trixie - KO'd Day 5 - 3rd Party
    Allysian - Autolynched Day 5 - Nintendo
    Frigs - Auotlynched Day 5 - Nintendo
    DarkComet - Killed by the Villains Night 5 - Nintendo
    TehSheen - KO'd Day 6 - Villain
    Deathslayer7 - Killed by the Villains Night 6 - Zelda/Tingle
    Blue Umbrella - KO'd Day 7 - Nintendo
    Griever - Killed by the Villains Night 7 - Team Mario
    Dr. Bath - KO'd Day 8 - Nintendo
    The Valiant Turtle - Killed by the Villains Night 8 - Nintendo
    Someonenonotyou - KO'd Day 9
    Calamity - Autolynched Day 9 - Nintedno
    Hero 1.0 - Autolynched Day 9 - Villain
    Gnomish Wanderer - Killed by the Villains Night 9 - Nintendo
    Pondshadow - KO'd Day 10 - Villain
    Atreyu the Masked Llama - Killed by the Villains Night 10 - 3rd Party
    Happyturtle - Fatally corrupted Night 10 - Zelda/Tingle
    Night Surgeon - KO'd Day 11 - Ridley
    Billtodamax - KO'd by Ridley Day 11 - Nintendo
    Lord Fullbladder - Autolynched Day 11 - Nintendo
    Lex-kat - Killed by the Villains Night 11 - Team Mario
    Andre Fairchilde - Falcon Punch'd Night 11
    Pondshadow - KO'd Day 12 - King K. Rool
    Fostire - Killed by the Villains Night 12 - Team Mario
    Mordokai - KO'd Day 13 - Villain
    Duos - Killed by the Villains Night 13 - 3rd Party
    Catseye2121 - KO'd Day 14 - Villain

    Heroes: (Win condition - Survive and defeat villains)
    1-6) Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Daisy, Peach, Toad, etc. - Team Mario (Masons)

    7) Link - Blade of Evil's Bane (Baner) NIGHT ACTION

    8) Zelda - Triforce of Wisdom (Seer) NIGHT ACTION

    9) Tingle - (Fool) NIGHT ACTION

    10) Samus - Charge Shot (Via PM, Samus may negate her own point to add 1 to her next point, max charge 3) NIGHT ACTION

    11) Fox - Reflector (Up to two points at Fox get redirected to another player of Fox's choice) DAY ACTION

    12) Falco - Hey Einstein! (Knows if Fox or Krystal voted the same way as he did) PASSIVE ACTION

    13) Krystal - Telepath (Knows who was scried, but not the result of the scry) PASSIVE ACTION

    14) Kirby - Copy (May copy a randomly selected living target's ability for the day) NIGHT ACTION

    15) Metaknight - Dimensional Cape (Metaknight may select a target and all abilities that get targeted at Metaknight get retargeted to his target. Does not work on Villain kills. 1 day cooldown) NIGHT ACTION

    16) Pikachu - Cuteness (The person who points before Pikachu secretly has his point changed to the same as Pikachu's) PASSIVE ACTION

    17) Jigglypuff - Sing (Can cause one player to fall asleep each day, negating their point for the next day) NIGHT ACTION

    18) Pokemon Trainer - I choose you! (Can double someone's point each day) DAY ACTION

    19) Ness - PSI Magnet (All special abilities targeted at Ness aside from banes and kills fail. Knows if he is targeted, but not what or by whom) PASSIVE ACTION

    20) Captain Falcon - Falcon... PUNCH! (Night kill. Three day cooldown) NIGHT ACTION

    21) Marth - Critical hit (If part of a bandwagon that sucessfully kills a villain, point counts as 3 the next day) PASSIVE ACTION

    22) DK - DK Hand Slap (Target a player. Any other abilities targeting that player results in the ability failing, and the user being slapped into the ground, revealing to the public who was slapped, but not what they were trying to do. NIGHT ACTION

    23) Diddy Kong - Rocketbarrels (Can scry during the night with X% accuracy, where X = 20 * number of days ability has not been used) NIGHT ACTION

    24) Dixie Kong - Helicopter Spin (Any abilities or night kills that target Dixie take effect one day later than usual) PASSIVE ACTION

    25-26) Popo & Nana (Ice Climbers) - Belay (When pointing at the same person, may reduce the total number of points against either of them by 2. Start off knowing each other) DAY ACTION

    27) Pit - Wings of Iccarus (Becomes immune to Night kills for one night. 2 day cooldown) NIGHT ACTION

    28) Mr. Game & Watch - Oil Panik (Uses the bucket to catch one point at him per day, negating the point, max of three. Once bucket is full, can point at someone worth 3 points. Points at self do not activate this ability) DAY ACTION

    29) Ike - Counter (May make his point worth negative one instead of positive one) DAY ACTION

    30) Captain Olimar - Pikmin toss (When pointing at a person, this also throws a pikmin at that person. For the next two days after, that person gets an extra vote against him. One pikmin on any person at a time) PASSIVE ACTION

    31) Lucario - Reversal (Lucario's point is increased by 1 for every 10 Nintendo players that die) PASSIVE ACTION

    32) Lucas - PK Freeze (Can lock a target's special ability for the next cycle. 1 day cooldown) NIGHT ACTION

    33) Wario - Garlic (Due to his stink, any ability used on Wario fails, and the user will not able to use that ability the next day) PASSIVE ACTION

    3rd Parties:
    1) Sonic - You're too slow! (Can change one person point to match his own as long as they point after he does. Does not count if Sonic changes his point) DAY ACTION

    2) Snake - Cardboard box (Using the increadibly stealthy tactic of the box, he can scry with a 2 day cooldown) NIGHT ACTION

    3) Master Chief - Overshield (Has a shield with three charges which each cancle out a point at him. A day where he doesn't recieve a point replenishes one charge)

    4) Sly Cooper - Safecracker (Each night, Sly may steal a clue bottle from a player to find a clue to the combination of a safe. Successfully opening a safe will grant Sly three disguises which he can use to make a player scry as the disguise. Each safe has disguises from a different team)

    5) Carmilita Fox- Untimely arrest (Carmelita my arrest a player, removing them for play for a day. She also learns who Sly's robs each night. If she arrests Sly, Sly recieves no more clues and Carmelita finds her shock pistol, allowing her to survive one lynching or night kill. 2 Day cooldown)

    6) Banjo & Kazooie - Split Up (Can point at two different people per day. One in thread, one via PM. Also gives protection against first night kill or lynch, but loses all special abilities afterwards) PASSIVE ACTION

    7) Pheonix Wright - OBJECTION! (Raises an objection, forcing target to change their vote for the day, or else have their next day's point invalidated) Day ACTION

    Villains: (Wolves) Win by reducing the number all non-villain players to match their own
    1) Bowser - Your victim is in another castle (Bowser may kidnap the lynch victim, preventing their identity from being known until the following dusk) DAY ACTION

    2) Ridley - Destruction (Beast - Upon death, Ridley will randomly kill one player responsible for his death in retaliation) PASSIVE ACTION

    3) Mewtwo - Mindreader (Devil - During the night, Mewtwo may learn the identity of one player) NIGHT ACTION

    4) Wolf O'Donnel - Can't let you do that! (Targeted player's ability is unusable for the upcoming day/night cycle. If ability is on cooldown, adds one day cooldown) NIGHT ACTION

    5) Sephiroth - Mind control (Control's target's point or special ability (if he knows it) for one day. If Sephiroth guesses incorrectly at what the target's special ability is, he is penalized with a one day cooldown. Can't use on same target consecutivly) NIGHT ACTION

    6) Covenant Elite - Cloak (Scries as a character chosen at the start of the game) PASSIVE ACTION

    7) King K. Rool - Feign Death (Once killed for the first time, within 3 days may resurrect himself) PASSIVE ACTION

    8) Ganondorf - Triforce of Power (Power corrupts. Ganondorf may target somebody, corrupting them without their knowledge. That player has a X% chance to die each night, starting at 10% and doubling each time the player survives. Only one corrupted person at a time; 2 Day cooldown starting from the night the target dies) NIGHT ACTION

    9) King Dedede - Waddle Dee Army (May make the target of his choice scry immune for the night by swarming them with Waddle Dees) NIGHT ACTION

    Additional important rules:
    1) Autolynch is set at 3 days of inactivity. People who are autolynched will be made to do something silly and slightly embarrassing as punishment. Don't worry, right now it's set at singing the "I'm Very Sorry Song".

    2) Days are 48 hours long, nights also at 48 hours, though these may be shortened depending on how quick everyone is.

    3) Roles will not be revealed on death, only team affiliation, with the exception of all "Classic" roles (Masons, Seer, Baner, and Devil)

    4) Mass Role Gathering is NOT ALLOWED in any form. An example of this is "Hey guys, I'm role X, everyone send me their roles and we'll weed out the Villains!" This is not a legal strategy and will be punished.

    5) Posting PMs from the narrators is frowned upon. To discourage this, the Role PMs were taken from here, with all sensitive information removed.

    6) I reserve the right to drop rocks on anyone that ticks me off too badly.

    7) RPing as various characters is encouraged.

    8) Depending on how many people sign up, not all roles will be included in the game.
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