There has been much talk of strawberry ice cream lately, and how this might be used as an actual dessert. So it is time for the forum to have an objective and balanced guide on which ice cream to eat, for optimal dining pleasure.

Many kinds of ice cream exist in the world, but only two are relevant to the discussion at hand. These are strawberry ice cream, and chocolate ice cream. I will now objectively compare the two of them, and list the strong and weak points of each. Remember, anybody who disagrees with me is just voicing some opinion.

  • Strawberry ice cream is known to be kind of gross and of smelly, and it has the texture of a withered grapefruit. Some people who eat strawberry ice cream are obese, or said to be flatulent, or kick little puppies.
  • And on the other hand, we have chocolate ice cream, which, in the words of one highly intelligent character, is Totally Yummy. Also, it contains more calories per square inch than any other known kind of ice cream, and many highly intelligent and attractive people eat chocolate ice cream, and you should be able to buy it at your local supermarket. If not, sue your supermarket.

Mind you, these are scientific facts, as determined by a recent Nobel Prize winner that I can't remember the name of just now. Many highly erudite dissertations have been written on the subject; just google them up. They are certainly not opinions. True, I do have an opinion about which ice cream to eat, but I wouldn't be so crass as to display that in an objective thread such as this one, which is objective.

So now that I've all chocolate educated you on the chocolate advantages and disadvantages of chocolate various kinds of ice cream, I chocolate encourage everybody to make his own informed chocolate choice, and I welcome further chocolate discussion in this thread.

No flaming please! It melts the delicious ice cream!