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"You fools! What are you doing? It's not even our turn yet!"

A guy wearing a Pi joke T-shirt rushes over and whacks the two bickering gamers with a ruler.

"It's still the other teams turn. Save your energy for your activation, there's an enemy unit around the corner, and you just barely have enough move to get there. Of course, FPS guy (happyturtle) is using guns, which have a minus twenty percent effectiveness versus stone armor, and RTS guy spent to many resources on a sheild for one unit..."

Turn-Based Strategy Guy (TBS) wanders off, grumbling about control points, stats, and Sid Meyers.
What are you talking about? Seriously, it's like you got no concept of the game! See, with this hero I can kite the enemy guards at this resource point to capture it, but he's vulnerable to the arty without the shield. The hero'll gain Elite soon so he can use his powers to take out the enemy ramp guns and give me free reign at mineral line. With a static defense placement on my ramp along with having my grunts be ranged, I'll easily stop his low level rushes before their DPS becomes a problem. The only problem would be if he initiative-damages and three-facts my natural but if he does that, he won't have minerals to create mines to shield his mineral line so in the worst case I lose my nat to his workers, leaving me at an advantage.

If he were a tank race, I'd have to play it safer and probably 2gate into the hero, meaning for a longer macro game but since he's going for crackling DPS build, this strat will have no trouble.