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Those are sub-optimal choices. Clerics should always choose pistachio. That's right, I'm not going to kowtow to the OP's arbitrary restrictions just because they can't handle the real flavours.

Total win, Kurald Galain.
OK, a few points:

Strawberry is so disgusting, vile, morally reprehensible, evil and twisted that it grants a huge bonus to any damaging spells with which it is enchanted. In fact, the strawberry ice cream is more likely to be a strawberry ice cream of Destruction, Mass!

And somehow I don't see the pistachio ice cream of mass heal. It might be worth a Mass Cure Serious wounds though, but I've always had a soft spot for vanilla. OK, for vanilla based ice creams like chocolate chip, honeycomb, toffee and pistachip (IIRC). OK, so yes, pistachio does work.