It's best not to fight the madness...

Although, yeah, it is a slightly odd place for the thread.

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Come on, only the vilest of people don't kick puppies.

And have you seen those Chocolate lovers: they are cazy. Look at homer Simpson!
He ate a man because he was made of choclate. Can't trust them.

I even have the support of a local Physic scientists that I can't name riht now who shows very clearly that too much chocolate will cause a black hole.
So obviously, Chocolate can't be good.

Strawberry for life, yo!
And we also have a nobel prizewinner and a fields medallist both declare that strawberry is completely and utterly wrong. Especially the one with bits in it. Just look at my account of what happened when I tried to make strawberry ice cream of inflict minor wounds - trust me, there is a reason that Destruction, mass is not a spell!

Honeycomb ftw!