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Thread: What is YOUR Zanpaktou?

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    Name: (Last Name:)Norishima (First Name:)Kachisuke
    Kanji Meaning: Generous Island - Victory Helper

    Appearance: Naturally, Captain Norishima wears the standard black Kimono and white Haori of a captain. His hair is a very pale blonde, slicked back lazily to keep it out of his face, despite its length, betrayed by the bit that hangs over his face anyways, going past his nose, and usually obscuring an eye. His eyes are a flat grey-blue, and usually bear an expression of mild interest and surpressed boredom. His expression mirrors this, a slight, insincere smile always adorning his face. He holds himself in an aloof manner, his shoulders low, head back, arms hanging loosely, often swaying as he walks.

    Personality: Captain Norishima is a very lazy person, and if he could get away with it, would conduct all his duties without moving at all. He never uses Shunpo unnecessarily, and in fact, never moves faster than a slow walk when he thinks he can get away with it, including in combat. He's incredibly patient, and is hard to offend. However, he has a curious detatchment to other people, and doesn't really consider them to be the on the same level as him, no matter who they are.

    In battle, Captain Norishima prefers Kidou. If he can get away with it, he won't even draw his Zanpakutou at all, and won't move from where he stands unless he needs to dodge something. If he does draw his Zanpakutou, he's more likely to use it to block attacks than to attack. If he needs to use it as a weapon, he'll release it first and use it's added reach rather than try and engage in genuine melee combat. Captain Norishima is prone to commenting on people's fighting styles out loud, and generally just projects an aura of nonchalance about fighting. If he needs to use Bankai, he'll be sufficiently annoyed that he'll drop all his pleasent pretenses, and will fight with his full force--but he still won't move if he doesn't need to.

    Reiatsu: Amaranth

    Kurage[水母] (Jellyfish)

    Sealed Form: Standard Katana with a amaranth wrapping around the hilt, with four clawlike protrusions coming back off the guard.

    Command: "Nobiro, kurage." [延びろ,水母] ("Extend, Jellyfish.")
    The blade withdraws into the hilt, which now covers the hand entirely as a sort of dome with four swept-back protrusions extending to about the wrist. The wrapping of the hilt is now wrapped around the arm, the end of it dangling a short distance. Extending from the dome are now four black tendrils, which can move independently in any direction (albiet relativley slowly). Contact with these tendrils results in contact with a numbing toxin, which leaves the affected area difficult to move and depreived of sensation.
    By calling out "Kue" [食え] (Sting), Kurage can bring the retracted blade back out, and by retracting the four tendrils can extend the blade to a considerable length. The blade now resembles the tendrils, save that it is barbed and pointed. An enemy pierced by the blade is infected by the toxin, which then spreads through their bloodstream to paralyze them.
    If the toxin reaches the brain, the secondary effect of the toxin begins to render them unconscious.
    The tendrils retain the strength of the zanpakutou, and can thus be used defensively to block attacks.

    Name: Kurage no Hone [水母の骨] (Lit. "Jellyfish bones" figuratively "Something unexpected")
    The sword disapears altogether (though the wrapping remains on the arm; insert other dramatic clothing changes here) and a dark stormcloud appears in the sky. 9 tendrils thick as tree trunks descend. These tendrils are all covered in the same toxin as the Shikai's tendrils, but can also extend smaller barbs and tendrils out at high speeds, which also carry this toxin. The larger tendrils are slow moving, but the smaller tendrils can extend very far, so they don't need to move much.
    As such, various manuevers can be performed, including a wall of intertwining tendrils to block attacks.
    To ensure the destruction of a foe, once they have been caught by smaller tendrils and slowed by the toxin, they are drawn in by the tendrils to the larger stalk. Once fully paralyzed and constricted by the larger tendril, they are repeatedly stabbed from all directions by the extending barbs and tendrils, until they are left a bloody corpse.

    The Bankai, furthermore, has a secret ability, derrived from the Turritopsis nutricula--the only immortal animal on Earth. Kachisuke can impale himself on one of the barbs from his Bankai, and then absorb it into himself. This will restore his health to perfection as it de-ages him to early, early teenager (Say, 13). He can recover from anything that hasn't outright killed him in this fashion, instantly. However, he loses his Zanpakutou by doing so, and must again train to obtain it. He has used it once before, many centuries ago; nobody in Soul Society knows that, though, but himself. This ability is called "Shinsei" (Rebirth. Also means 'divinity')
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