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    Default Re: Monster Compedium for the maligned, forgotten & misunderstood monsters

    hhhmmmmmm, mind flayers and hydras. never thought about it. with the order of the hierarchy of heads there might be some deteoration in the "quality" of brains if the mindflayers pick the brainier brains.

    on a side note: been awhile since i wrote an entry (been doing other stuff), but i will soon. i'm mostly thinking about a the hags ("ding dong the witch ain't dead") but Eldar Ditto suggested the Hound Archon, which is interesting, but for which i have no immediate ideas. anyone else with favorites or ideas? (and some core suggestions on how to develop them?) 4E also accepted, though i must say that i have even less ideas for them. (nearly no fluff whatsoever to begin working from)

    oh, and one more importent thing- thanks for the encouragement. since this thing has launched i kind of accepted that nearly no one is realy interested in it, and i'm doing this mostly for my own satisfaction (letting out the demons of creativity), but it's always pleasing to see someone else like my works as well.

    so thanks Eldar Ditto, and thanks Pirate_King
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