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Thread: What is YOUR Zanpaktou?

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    Since everyone else is getting in the spirit, I might as well toss mine in.

    Sealed form: A greatsword, because I'd hardly be the type to bother shrinking it down further. I'm far too lazy.

    Shikai: Yochi wo tatakiwaro, Ishidatsu! (Break the world in pieces, Stone Dragon!) Ishidatsu apears much like Zangetsu's sealed form, except that it's jet black with a gold edge and has gold kanji down the blade naming the sword. The sword is ridiculously heavy and gives the wielder no special ability to handle such a heavy weapon, so it is slow and unwieldly. Ishidatsu's special power is essentially force magnification. It amplifies the force of its blows, turning the lightest of taps into heavy blows and heavy blows into earth-shaking attacks. A direct hit from the sword sends most opponents flying.

    Bankai: Dai-Ishidatsu (Great Stone Dragon) When I invoke bankai, a massive earthquake rocks the surrounding area as a massive chinese dragon made of stone bursts from the ground. The dragon responds to my mental comands and attacks much like Bamboo King Zabimaru, slamming its coils into enemies and biting with its massive jaws. The dragon does not fly, but rather is so large that its coils reach from deep underground to above five story buildings. Not something you want to use anywhere you don't want flattened.
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