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    So, I've never played D&D, just spent far more time than I should have reading the SRD.

    Some friends have a game just started (they've played one game day's worth) that I have the option of joining, if I like. The game is played Core only; really just using d20SRD since most of the players have long-ago lost most of their books and the DM has the most experience with Core. The scenario is homebrewed, sandbox style.

    There's a Gnome Druid (just acquired a Wolf companion), a Drow Fighter (at level 1; everyone else is level 3), a Halfling Fighter (who is insane), and a Human Rogue. The Drow Fighter has bow specialization and is planning to get some Wizard and then go Arcane Archer, but other than that the Druid is the only magic in the group.

    They are a group of Evil PCs, played as simply having no regard for others beyond what they can get out of them (so reasonably loyal to each other, insofar as they are dependent on each other, but uncaring about the life or property of others). They started by being released from prison, the Druid went and found a Wolf, the others equipped themselves in the market and went looking for people to rob. At a brothel where the Rogue was looking to pick up lockpicks, the Halfling (Fighter...) attempted to pick-pocket a rich fat dude. That ended in an explosion of gold coins, a fight with three guards that very nearly killed the Halfling, and then rousing a female Half-Orc Paladin who had been sitting in the brothel (?!), from whom they fled.

    Anyway, I'm interested in joining, and would like to do something magic-related. Since I've read TLN's Batman guide, I'm favoring Wizard - just because I know more about them than the other classes. Arcane sounds cooler than Divine, plus they've already got the Druid, but I don't really know. Information on how the different magic-based classes play (especially guides or thoughts on playing them) would be great, because there's a lot you can't get from just reading the stats.

    As for PrC, initially I was considering Mystic Theurge, but a bit of reading indicated that A. Divine Spells aren't as good as Arcane (usually), and thus accessing the opposite spell list isn't great, and B. losing three Caster Levels is unacceptable. My thoughts were to be something like "I have lots of spell slots, but weaker spells - Quicken lots and lots of things" - but choosing an underpowered class with even more forethought necessary seems like a poor choice for a newb. Plus the lower CLs means I don't have that many extra spell slots (which was disappointing to learn).

    So now I'm considering Wizard/Loremaster/Archmage, where I'd get Wizard enough to access Loremaster, get a few Archmage levels interspersed in the Loremaster, finishing up probably Wiz5/Lore10/Arch5 (though maybe not Arch5, get extra Wiz or something), but TLN's guide mentioned something with Wizard/Rogue/Archmage/Arcane Trickster, which sounds really cool. I like the idea of something little different from just straight-up mage. He didn't go into a lot of detail on it though.

    But then there's Cleric, Druid, Bard, and Sorcerer, about which I know very little (beyond their stats, which are difficult to turn into understanding). There's already a Druid in the group, so I probably wouldn't take that. Information (and especially guides!) on the others would be awesome.

    Oh, and I'm also interested in Crafting. The Drow's already crafting bows for himself and the Rogue, and brewing potions for himself ("Drow sleepyjuice" he calls it), but I was thinking Wondrous Item and Rod, maybe Wand. But it's difficult to get a feel for how much I'll be able to actually get crafting done, and how worth it is to get those.
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