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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Ohi. Sure, you can join.

    If you are new, and want to play an Arcane Caster with a bajillion spell slots - I say Sorcerer is definitely the way to go. It lacks the bookkeeping mess that comes with "prepared" casters, and can spam more spells than anyone else (in the PHB, anyway).

    The Wizard is widely regarded to be the more potentially powerful class of the two, yes.
    It is just that it is also the one that is easier to screw up and more difficult to bring to its peak potential, I'd say. =/

    (I have an Evoker in my flesh-and-blood group. You have read TLN's guide, so 'nuff said.)

    But of course, if you want to play a bookwormy master-of-the-universe caster, screw my advice and play a goddamn Batman Wizard. You seem interested in it and you do have a nice plan for it.

    As for that:
    Wizard/Loremaster/Archmage is a good idea. Specializing is also a good idea, since spells-per-day are so valuable. Pick what spells you want (remember that you get 2/level, plus more for money), find what schools have the least, and ban those.
    Consider this signed.

    What books does your group have available?
    (Chimes in, his DM here)

    Just the SRD, so far. The group has the problem of being scattered across the globe AND across the entire 3.5 experience curve. Since the most experienced player seems to be content with it, I decided to limit this to stuff we can link and show to one another.

    So far this means that I can't scare them with Mindbenders or rip them to pieces with Frenzied Berserkers either, but that is the price I paid to keep everyone in the loop. =/

    Stumbled across this guide to free D&D a few days ago, though, was always about to share it...
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