Beguiler is in the PHBII, a neato little book. Also contains the Duskblade, a martial caster who hits things with spells. Fun fun!

If you really want to summon, check out the Malconvoker from Complete Scoundrel. Its all about being a good guy, then summoning evil things and tricking them into fighting other evil things for you. Very powerful and very flavorful. Wizard is a great base for it, especially if you are a Conjourer. There is a Conjourer Alt Class Feature in UA (and consequently on that allows you to trade away your familar for the ability to cast summon spells as a standard action instead of a full round action. This is really good for summoning. Other than that, bind a big demon, buff it to hell, cast a couple disable spells on your enemies, and then watch your pet devour their immortal souls. Its fun!