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Beguiler is in the PHBII, a neato little book. Also contains the Duskblade, a martial caster who hits things with spells. Fun fun!

If you really want to summon, check out the Malconvoker from Complete Scoundrel. Its all about being a good guy, then summoning evil things and tricking them into fighting other evil things for you. Very powerful and very flavorful. Wizard is a great base for it, especially if you are a Conjourer. There is a Conjourer Alt Class Feature in UA (and consequently on www.d20srd.org) that allows you to trade away your familar for the ability to cast summon spells as a standard action instead of a full round action. This is really good for summoning. Other than that, bind a big demon, buff it to hell, cast a couple disable spells on your enemies, and then watch your pet devour their immortal souls. Its fun!
All sounds awesome. Don't have access to those, though. Having never played D&D before, I don't intend to go out and buy a bunch of books at the moment... maybe at some point.

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I recommend caring flasks of alchemist's fire and acid, as well as smoke sticks, caltrops, oil, and sunrods. And some tindertwigs.

Alchemist's fire are great for throwing at strange things growling in the dark, acid is useful for getting around things, smokesticks are a great way to get instant concealment (ie, protection), caltrops can cover your exit, and sunrods work in wet places, and are cheaper to throw away than everburning torches (brighter, too). This works for like the first 7 levels. Also, you can spend a turn throwing alchemist's fire or acid instead of using a spell. The splash damage on them is quite nice.
Ah, that's great advice. Thanks!

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Oh, hey!

I noticed you have a wizard guide. Should you be contemplating sorceror instead, enjoy Solo's Stupendously Superior Sorceror Stratagems.

Should you decide to try summoning, if the book would be allowed (I notice you said core only) enjoy Treantmonk's guide to the Malconvoker. Even if you can't play one, it has and links to great advice for all summoners.

Above all, have fun!
Awesome! Those were exactly the kinds of things I was looking for!