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But if you only use 1-2 spells, what should you do on the rest of your turns?

Yup, figured that out. Without the 3 level loss it'd be pretty awesome, obviously, heh, being able to be a Cleric or Druid and a Wizard or Sorcerer. *shrug*
battles dont last for a lot of rounds, so hopefully that wont come up. use your lower level spells if its not worth using a higher level spell, and you should be fine. you wont run out of spells per day (unless the dm gives you 6 combats or more combats in a day) once you learn to manage them.

if you ever use splatbooks, you could use an archivist to play something similar to a mystic theurge. it's the exception to the rule arcane magic is better than divine magic. the problem with mystic theurge is that you dont have enough actions to cast all of your spells, and you just cant use them all.