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That sounds like a solid plan. Would Sorcerer/Lore/Arch be substantially different (beyond the normal differences between Wizard and Sorcerer), if I decided to do that?
Loremaster is hard to enter as a Sorcerer. Wizards can get a lot more spells and easily pick up the 7 Divination spells, but for Sorcs that's really going to hurt a lot. That's almost half of your spells known at the point when you can start gaining access to it! Also, it requires two knowledge skills, and Sorcs only have one as a class skill, and few enough skillpoints already. It's possible (and there's tricks to help), but it's prohibitively difficult to go straight in like that. To be honest, if I was in a core-only game and I wanted to go that route, I'd consider playing a Sorcerer 6 / Wizard 1 (or Cleric 1, or Druid 1) / Loremaster X. All will get you in much more easily than straight Sorcerer, without putting you so far behind that you couldn't still function. That said, there's plenty of other good PrCs out there that Sorcs can enter just fine.