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Answering the question of "what do you do after your 1 or 2 control spells?", if you go outside of core to a book called "Complete Mage", there are these feats called reserve feats that let you use a spell-like ability at will as long as you have an appropriate spell prepared and not yet used. For example, there is a feat called "Fiery Burst" that lets you create a five-foot radius mini-fireball as long as you have a fire spell of second level or higher prepared, doing 1d6 per level of the spell, reflex save halves. Beats a wizard using a crossbow any day. Plus, you can pretend to be Roy Mustang.

Dedicated damage spells will of course be more powerful, but this way you can burn things all you want while only requiring a single spell slot to be held in reserve.
1) Core Only

2) Most reserve feats SUCK. Fiery Burst is the worst feat to get as a Sorcerer. He has so much greater damage potential with a great many other things at his disposal.

3) A Sorcerer who only has one or two spells worth casting in combat needs to go hang up his character sheet and roll a Fighter.

Seriously, by round 3, Murphy's Laws of Combat will have begun reshaping things, and you can situationally either use Save or Loose effects on stragglers, buff allies, or just look that damn cool by striking an awesome pose while the rest of combat is going on about you.

If you want blasting all day long, go Warlock. At least they do it better than reserve feats.