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    Quote Originally Posted by Vael View Post
    Well... actually you can, to an extent.

    And etc. etc, you get the gist.

    Also, I support Sorcerer over Wizard. Wizards are way annoying to keep track of- you have to figure out what spells to prepare every day, you have to figure out how to get new spells (because even being AS good as a sorcerer requires you to find spell scrolls/spell books/ways to learn spells and invest in them). For a new player less used to regulating their power, a Wizard is more difficult since they have significantly less spells per day, as well.

    Wizards require tons of managing, and in the end I disagree with Ericgrau- they're just as difficult to make as a Sorcerer is, because they're based on all the same mechanics. If you know how to make a Wizard, you can make a Sorcerer. If you don't know how to make either, you might as well go for a Sorcerer because it is less confusing, and spells are the emphasis (and if you don't know the spells and how to use them properly, you'll be just as ineffective- if not more- with a wizard, who has less power per day to throw around).
    Technically sorcerers can change a couple spells, but not many. I was well aware of that. You still have to pick carefully. Initially both a sorcerer and wizard are equally difficult, but if you screw up a wizard you can change your mind later. I'm just saying if he goes sorcerer to be careful and spend a good deal of time on spell selection. And planning for that matter; because ideally you want the good spells in your high level slots and out-of-combat buffs in lower level ones... which used to be your high level slots. That consumes a lot of your spell swapping right there. The wizard is more work later, but as for difficulty in making a character the sorc can give trouble to new players that don't spend enough time beforehand.

    DragoonWraith: If you want more help with the your spell list, feel free to ask. Maybe pick spells according to your own personal preference and post it so we can weed out problems. A sorcerer whom you knew for sure had a good spell array from the get-go would give the best of both worlds in terms of ease of play. Or just do it by yourself and be real careful, read the spell descriptions carefully, think of how they'd be used, etc.
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