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    Default Re: Phantom of the Opera Werewolf - Game Thread

    If you were indeed on team good then I'd agree with that but this is WW so forgive me for been skeptical about what you said especially considering the vagueness of your claims - technically, even lynching a villager will hurt team good.

    Basically, what I'm asking for is that you come out with your exact role since you claimed you'll be a great loss for the villagers.
    If you're lying, I'm sure the person that actually has the role you claim will dispute them and we can lynch you but if you're telling the truth, then you might even survive the night with the baner's protection if no one disputes your claims.

    For people like me who needs more than a subtle hint to understand, happyturtle has claimed to be the seer(s). I'd strongly advise that the baner bane happyturtle and the other seer/fool scries her tonight to confirm her identity before any power roles reveal their role to her.

    Looks like happyturtle posted while I was editting this so please ignore the first part of edit2.
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    I would advise people not to trust FC just on principle. Even if he's on your team, confirmed by the narrator.