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Thread: What is YOUR Zanpaktou?

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    Okeyday then. Heres mine:

    Name: Raikoumaru (pretty sure it means something like "lightning circle")
    Sealed form: A normal katana.
    1. Command: Strike! (Nagure)
    2. Affect: Entire weapon turns into something that looks like First-release Ulquiorra's spike weapon, except electricity runs up and down the shaft of it. I can fire lightning bolts from it.
    Bankai: Shikkyaku Raikoumaru (Falling circle of lightning, right Mr. Translator?)
    1. I drop the scabbard onto the ground, and hold Raikoumaru in both hands, and stab the scabbard. The scabbard becomes a cloud, which slowly rises into the air. I stand on the cloud. The sword becomes forked bits of lightning stemming from my hands to the cloud. Shun-po affects entire cloud. Speed and strength increases.
    Technique 1. Raikou Taihou (lightning cannon): As the name implies, a blast of lightning from my hands. A bit like Raikoho.
    Technique 2. Rai Kakera (lightning fragment): Katana summoned into my hand, looks like sealed version but made of lightning. Speed and strength increase, and I can jump off the cloud at, well, lightning speed, to attack. Then the lightning attaching my hands to the cloud pulls me back. Kinda like Byakuya's senkei.
    Technique 3. Arashi (storm): Build-up time: 1 minute of solid concentration. Blast of electrical energy shoots out in a sphere, one mile radius, me being the center. Highly destructive, and leaves me completely drained. Obvously.

    Spirit: A wise and intelligent squirrel monkey.
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