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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keld Denar View Post
    What are you writting your Arcane Thesis on? The most obvious answer, IMO, would be Enervation, although I notice a distinct lack of the Split Ray feat. Split Ray Empowered Enervations are stupid good, especially if you roll well. At the price of a 6th level spell, thats awesome. Burn an 8th level slot on Quickened Split Ray Enervation, or a 9th level on Quickened Split Ray Empowered Enervation for a 1-2 punch that packs 8-12 negative levels. Giving someone that much of a penalty to hit, not to mention 40-60 hps lost and the severe drain of high level spell slots is game ending for just about anyone.
    I'd have to ask the DM if Split Ray is allowed... have to ask about Arcane Thesis, too, for that matter. And Rapid Metamagic and Seeker's Chant; if I can't take the other level-0 Divination, that kind of hurts quite a bit early on, and obviously Quicken Spell is useless with out Rapid.

    Anyway, I hadn't really thought too much about what to take the Thesis in... how does it work, exactly? I've seen lots of examples, and I know the general idea, but not the specifics. I just know that it's good.

    Quote Originally Posted by Keld Denar View Post
    Also, I'd move Master of Shaping down, and not even bother with Master of Counterspells. Take Spell Like twice if you have to. Once for Time Stop and once for...Teleport? Otto's? Greater Shadow Evocation?
    The thought with Master of Counterspells was that I could Quicken things relatively easily, and then Ready for the standard part of my action if I'm around a nasty spellcaster. Greater Dispel Magic should mean that countering it shouldn't be impossible, plus I'll have plenty of Spellcraft for identifying the spell. That was the thought, anyway.

    Anyway, Otto's? Not sure which one that is. The list on the SRD drops the names...

    Also, if I don't get Master of Counterspells, I could (if I wanted) take Lore 10 instead of SLA a second time and get True Lore; is the 1/day free, instant Analyze Dweomer or Legend Lore any good?
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