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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    OK, so that brings up another interesting point. Originally I was taking Irresistable Dance and Arcane Reach... but then I discovered that Irresistable Dance was my only Touch spell (other than perhaps Shadowed Evocations/Conjurations), so I swapped out Irresistable Dance and just didn't get Arcane Reach. Mistake?

    And good to know on the Counterspelling. Will keep that in mind. Why so, though? I assume "hyper specialized" means Improved Counterspelling, Reactive Counterspelling, and Mastery of Counterspelling - but Improved Counterspelling doesn't do me a lot of good because almost all of my high level spells are Illusion or Enchantment. Reactive Counterspelling is good, but completely eliminates my next turn - instead of letting me cast a Quickened spell and use Ready. The way I figured it, Greater Dispel Magic and Quicken could allow me to almost match Improved/Reactive Counterspelling. Is there more to it that I don't realize?

    Also, if SLA's are so good - should I try to get more? I was a little worried that I was losing a lot of 5th level slots... My 5th level spells are rather good, IMO (Dominate Person, Teleport, Feeblemind, Waves of Fatigue). I'm already losing one for Spell Power, and another for the first SLA. I'd get 6 total; I'm down to 4 and you're suggesting going down to 3... Not really sure the best way to play that is.

    Finally Arcane Thesis. Sounds excellent, though it seems weird that a Illusion/Enchant character is going to do his thesis on one of his 3 Necromancy spells...

    @ Eric: Yes, and I have that - the Skill Focus: Arcana is for Loremaster, which requires focus in one of the Knowledge skills.
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