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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericgrau View Post
    Oh, whoops.

    Quicken spell lets you cast as a swift action not an immediate action. So you couldn't use it to cast a counterspell when it's not your turn - you still have to spend a standard action to ready your swift action - unless you have some kind of feat for that which I didn't see.
    Well the idea would be to use a Quickened Spell on my turn, and then still be Ready for Counterspelling afterwards.

    Is Project Image worth it? At first I thought it read "The projected can't cast any spells on its own except for Illusion spells", implying that the Image could get its own turn on which it could cast Illusion spells (and on my turn could be the originator of other spells), in effect giving me an extra spell per round provided one of them was Illusion. I was all over that. But reading more carefully reveals that it can only cast Illusion spells on itself, i.e. when I cast self-targeting Illusion spells I can have them target the Image instead of myself (unlike self-targeting spells of other schools). That's massively less powerful. Still potentially useful, but not nearly as much so, especially since I already have Permanent Image at that point. Thoughts?
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