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Hes taking Rapid Metamagic from Complete Arcane at level 9, which means he will be able to quicken spells as a sorcerer. 9th level is the earliest he can take it due to the required 12 ranks though.

And as for Projected Image, I don't really like it for the reasons Eric specified. Its just kinda unwieldly for standard D&D encounters. If you get the chance to really set it up, you can have some fun with it, but odds are you won't. Spells like that are generally bad to take as a sorcerer, since you want to make sure you get maximum versitility out of all of your spells. Maybe consider True Seeing instead? If you can stomache the 150g per casting. Still, when you need it, its pretty freakin amazing. Or maybe Lim Wish. Lim Wish has a bit of an xp component, but the things you can do with it are pretty amazing.

And like I said, its really better to not try to counterspell with a GDM because there is a significant chance to fail. If you counterspell with say....Empowered Scorching Ray (effectively 18d6 or 54 average damage) it forces a concentration check so high that its impossible to make even on a 20. Now, this doesn't work ALL the time (like if your target is Mirror Imaged), but its still pretty effective. Most of the time, however, you can just shut the caster down with something like an EBT or Solid Fog or other nasty spell and then wait till your team can devote all of their resources to making short work of the caster than trying to counterspell all the time.
Actually, Scorching Ray may well be the best way to take out someone who is Mirror Image'd. Consider, you've got 3 rays, then another 3 rays, all with separate attack rolls. So either you start blowing all his illusions away, or you start doing damage to him. Either way, you win.