Since you have some non-core feats, you might want to consider Able Learner from Races of Destiny. It lets you buy all skills as class skills. That means that with Human Paragon levels, the skills you take there will essentially be class skills forever. Take that instead of Skill Focus: Knowledge Planes and skip Loremaster. That'll save you goodly bit of skill points while still allowing you to keep the skills you really want (Bluff, Spellcraft, Knowledge Arcana, UMD, etc) maxed out for only 1 skill point each.

Also, it'd probably be pretty good if you lost a few redundant Enchantments. Scintilating Pattern is...meh. Mass Charm...charms are kinda hit/miss. You can't really use them in combat because of the inherant hostility. Thus, if you don't cast it before fighting actually breaks out, its not terribly useful. And if you don't get ALL of your foes, the ones who resist can help break their allies out. I dunno, I just don't really like charms. They just don't pack the punch that Dominate does.