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    Scintillating pattern seems like it still may be useful because it has no save, though the HD cap limits it a bit. So maybe, maybe not.

    Charm person/monster can still be used during combat, they just get a +5 to their save... and only if you don't get it off early enough. The advantage of a mass spell over a single target one is that you'll at least charm some enemies. Against a mass of weak enemies your chance of affecting each will drop from around 75% to around 50% due to the +5, unless you can get it off out-of-combat (against a BBEG, that's ~25% to ~5%, and not such a great idea). Since the charmed creatures perceive your actions in the most favorable way possible, say that you're just trying to settle this peacefully and that you're only defending yourself against the charmed creatures' allies. Get your party to mix in some nonlethal damage with the lethal (you can still knock someone out even with only partial nonlethal) and you may even be able to get the charmed creatures to help with their own nonlethal. If that seems plausible but still not something the monster would normally do, it's an opposed charisma check to nudge him. And you're a sorcerer. Oh, and the circlet of persuasion applies. Combine this with bluff and/or diplomacy for sorting things out afterwards and you can really get somewhere.
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