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Good to keep in mind. Scorching Ray seems pretty sweet.

By the way, the DM OK'd Seeker's Chant (specifically "That spell looks thoroughly bad. You can have it. :D"), Reactive Counterspelling ("if you want"), and Rapid Metamagic ("powerful, but not broken").

As for Arcane Thesis, the DM was... hesitant. He's familiar with Thesis abuse, and said that's not going to happen (not that I intended it, which he knows; sort of a "but still" scenario). He mentioned Enervate specifically (though it was in reference to some kind of cheese where a Quickened Maximized Twin Rayed Chained Enervate somehow was a 5th level spell). We kind of left it at "we'll worry about it when I hit 18".

So then... Considering my character is focusing on Bluff, Knowledge, and Illusion and Enchantment spells, what "appropriate" spells would be best with Thesis? The DM didn't say it had to be particularly appropriate, but I'd rather it be. I'm planning on Heighten, Extend, Empower, and Quicken.

The Charms/Dominates are probably the most appropriate, but I think my Metamagics are useless with those. Heighten helps all of them but Dominate Monster (which I can't get a Thesis in anyway, since all my level 9 spells are on 19 and 20), I guess, but Thesis does nothing for that (I assume!), and the other three seem pointless.

Irresistable Dance is another high level Enchantment that I plan on getting, and Extend would be useful with it, as would Quicken which I'd only be able to use by getting my Thesis in that spell. Possibly.

Greater Shadow Evocation/Conjuration are also possibilities - if that's allowed. Being able to apply that bonus to such a wide variety of spells may not be. If it is... maybe I want to get Shades instead, then. Except that I can't get Shades until after Thesis. So Greater Shadow Evocation, then, probably. That seems like my best choice so far.

Other than that, I'm looking at spells that aren't really "appropriate". *shrug* Actually, considering that I'm getting four Metamagics and Rapid Metamagic, I may want to re-think my spell selection... not a lot of these see much improvement from them...
Depends on the metamagics you are getting

I cannot suggest Silent Spell enough for you. I know my GM loves to toss things that cast Silence at me to get me to shut up. Even cast it area effect to bypass the whole will save thing. Sure, you are casting at +1 CL, but at least you can still cast.

Also, you want to get those Charm spells off easier? Invisibility + Silent Spell. Your targets never even knew a spell had been cast at them.

Heighten Spell simply lets you blow higher level slots for a higher DC on the resist. This is how you bag a BBEG with a Charm, even at higher levels.

Extend Spell is probably not too useful for you, it only doubles the duration. Generally, that is not an issue.

Reach Spell might be valuable to you if you want to cast all those touch spells at a range of 30'. Pretty handy to combo with Chain Spell for group-buffing

Speaking of Chain Spell, it's an extremely handy spell. Basically, you not only hit primary targets, you ALSO get secondary targets. So Charm Person + Chain Spell = Mass Charm Person. This can help you free up some useful spells known slots at higher levels. Oh, and Chain Spell + Greater Magic Weapon = millions of gold in savings on only getting +1 weapons of x, y, and z while swinging as +5 weapons of the above enhancements.

Persist Spell is a bugger. On the one hand, a personal spell now has a duration of 24 hours. Like Mirror Image. On the other hand, +6 CL bites. Now, you can Thesis this to make it less painful, and there is another feat which reduces the cost of a specific metamagic feat by one (minimum of +1) that you can also apply to Persist to take some sting out as well. However, it is very potent.

Now here is the cheeze that goes with Persist that you should probably consider avoiding: It also works with spells that have a fixed range. Like, say, a spell which you Reached for a fixed range of 30'. So you can persist a Reach Invisibility onto an ally, who will remain invisible until he attacks. With Thesis and the feat which specifically reduces the cost of a metamagic feat by +1 (minimum +1), you can actually Persist a Reach Greater Invisibility. Then Chain it. For the entire party being invisible for the whole day. Even after attacking. Yea, that's crack, and I wouldn't suggest doing it. However, normal uses of Persist is to make your rounds/level self-buffs last all day long, and is perfectly usable.