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Actually, there IS a way to get Quicken Spell before Rapid Metamagic, however it is non-core. PhB II variant, loose the Familiar to cast spontaneous metamagic without spending extra time, however you can only do it 1+Int Mod number of times per day. This at least qualifies you for Quicken earlier
Hmm... 1+Cha mod would be a lot nicer; that would start at 4 and eventually hit 7. 1+Int will only be 2. Hard to say whether or not I'm going to want to Metamagic as a standard action more than twice a day... It's useful for more than just Quicken. Considering the rather wide variety of Metamagic that I'm looking at, I think I'll want Rapid Metamagic anyway. Plus the bonus save, Alertness, and eventually Imbue Familiar with Spell are all pretty good. Thoughts?

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Another metamagic feat in the SRD you may want is Repeat Spell. For a +3 SL, you get to have the same spell cast again the next round for free. It's like a delayed-blast quicken, only without eating another spell slot for the repeated spell. Very handy for laying down covering fire and battlefield control spells en masse.
Aha. That is interesting. Now I have lots of possible Metamagic that I want. Hm.

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Still Spell really isn't that valuable to you. Dimension Door/Teleport doesn't have any somatic components, which gets you out of any situation where you would want to cast a spell Stilled. It is primarily useful to Gish builds who want to cast spells in full plate.
Yeah, that was the conclusion I came to.

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Also, Mage Armor is obsolete. +1 Twilight Mithral Chain Shirt costs 5k and gives a +5 armor bonus to AC, all day long, without any Arcane Spell Failure Chance. Grab Shield instead. Even better, grab Shield if you want to Persist it. Flat immunity to any and all Magic Missiles for all day long, and the +4 Shield bonus to AC doesn't hurt either.
As I don't see Twilight Mithral anywhere in the SRD, I'm not sure I can count on finding that in any dungeons or shops. Plus Mage Armor can be cast on allies, and lasts 60x as long... meaningless with Persist, but then it's costing a level 7 slot...

OK, so desirable Metamagic: Heighten, Silent, Empower, Quicken, Repeat, Chain, and Persist. That's seven, I can get at most five - six if I don't get Quicken and Rapid Metamagic (or if I go with the variant above and don't get Rapid).

At level 3, my character has Heighten and Silent (which I could probably change since my character hasn't used them yet; they're still just notes on the character sheet at this point).

I need to get another with either my level 6 feat or my Paragon feat (which also happens at level 6) - the other of which pretty much has to be Spell Focus if I want Archmage on time. I was originally going to go Empower, but I don't have a particularly large number of Empower-able spells (10 + possibly Shadow Conj/Evoc), though Enervation, Disintegrate, EBT, and Greater Dispel Magic are all very solid choices for that. Notably, at level 6, Ray of Enfeeblement is my only one (though I get Scorching Ray at 8)... At the same time, I'm having a hard time envisioning how and with what spells I would use Repeat or Chain on. Like, which spells benefit especially from those Metamagics. Getting Persist would be ridiculous because I don't get a level 6 slot until 13. Even for Chain/Repeat, 3rd spells are a level away, and 4th spells (so I can Chain or Repeat something useful) are three levels away...

Get Rapid Metamagic at 9, and Quicken (probably) at 12. My Loremaster and level 15 feats have to be the other Spell Focus and Spellcraft Focus, so I can get Archmage at 16. That leaves level 18 for one last Metamagic.