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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebeard View Post
    I always grab Rapid Metamagic for just those reasons. And because I find Familiars incredible with the Fighter-Wizard and Rogue/Wizard builds I usually play.
    Good to know.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebeard View Post
    Repeat requires enemies to stand still, more or less.
    Persist requires fixed range. That means it won't apply to much of anything on your list.
    OK, I think I'll probably pass on those.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebeard View Post
    Chain is for Ray of Enfeeblement, Enervation, Arcane-Reached buff spells & teleports... that sort of thing. With a spell list like yours, I use it often.
    Interesting. Yeah, I want Chain.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebeard View Post
    Order is more or less a matter of taste. But I wouldn't take heighten until 6th level. If that early.
    Unfortunately, none of the Metamagics are particularly good this early but I have to take them early. I could take Spell Focus early instead, but I won't have a particularly large number of Enchantments or Illusions early. Still, I may be using Charm Person a lot early... Hmm...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebeard View Post
    If you can tweak levels you've already taken, it'll help in the long run to put Paragon 1 at level 1. The extra Skills will make everything easier. Especially turning Tumble, UMD or somesuch into a class skill.
    Heh, that's not going to happen.

    I was going to take Bluff as my Adaptive skill. I'm only getting 4 levels of Sorcerer, so I lose it as a class skill early - plus I'm getting 9 levels of Loremaster, who has UMD as a class skill anyway (a fact which I intend to take advantage of). But Tumble? First time anyone's mentioned it. It seems pretty good, except I at least hope to avoid being particularly close to enemies most of the time...

    EDIT: OK, so now my Feats look like this:

    1: Knowledge: Arcana Focus
    1: Enchantment Focus (Human)
    3: Silent Spell
    6: Chain Spell
    6: Heighten Spell (Paragon)
    9: Rapid Metamagic
    12: Quicken Spell
    14: Illusion Focus (Loremaster Secret)
    15: Spellcraft Focus
    18: ???

    Spell Penetration seems somewhat interesting. I have a handful of no-SR spells, but it might be nice to have.
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