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Pclips, could you be a little clearer?

What is the relative power of level advancement, ignoring exp requirements? Linear, or logarithmic? That is, if each level raises your abilities by the same amount, it is linear (Ie. if a Level 2 warlord has leadership 2 and level 15 has leadership 15. the system is linear,). If leveling suffers the law of diminishing returns, then it is logarithmic (level 2 warlord is leadership 2, level 15 warlord is leadership 6). If each level raises your power more than the last, then it would be exponential.

Is the amount of exp required to gain a new level exponential? That is, each new level requires killing more creatures of your equivalent level? For instance, if level 1 to level 2 requires killing 3 level 1 creatures, but level 10 to level 11 requires killing 100 level 10 creatures, the experience table is exponential. If gaining level 11 requries 3 level 10 kills, but level 10 creatures are just very rare, the system is actually linear, even though it may take a longer time to reach it.

If you mix relative power vs. time with relative power vs. level, you wind up with a misrepresentation of the actual effects of level advancement.
You have to understand that the denizens of Erfworld don't see a lot of what a player would see in a game. Including XP. Leveling is a surprise to them, and XP (or the equivalent) is a theory (albeit a pretty solid one). The people are in the dark and guessing, and it's kind of hard to build an XP table by actually finding 10 new level 1 Marbits to croak, discovering that you level, then discovering through experimentation that you need to croak 50 to level again.

From a narrative perspective, the fudge factor is high. But that does not mean there is not one consistent mathematical system governing leveling. It's just opaque to the characters and readers at this time.

The general answer to your question is that power gains are linear and level requirements are exponential. It's not perfectly simple as all that, but to generalize, yes.

BTW you have made me record my first podcast for the new website with this question.