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BoED, MIC, PHB2, and Complete Warrior are all not available. The general requirement for non-Core stuff so far has been "can you find it online somewhere free?" - hence Rapid Metamagic, Reactive Counterspelling, and Arcane Thesis, all of which exist on WotC's site in some form (primarily little tables). Seeker's Chant came from CrystalKeep's spell lists. Chain Spell I can only find in forum posts, which means I might have trouble using it, but Feats are generally pretty simple so it might not be a problem.

Spellsword's not in WotC's excerpt from Complete Warrior, which means that's not going to happen; classes are too complicated to attempt to use without the full details. Twilight doesn't appear in the PHB2 excerpt, and neither the Magic Item Compendium nor the Book of Exalted Deeds (I did get the right books for your abbreviations, right?) have any excerpts on the site, plus the availability of it would be up to the DM even if we were using those books. I could ask, but I'd somewhat doubt it.

Further, Mithral, which is in the SRD, only reduces ASF by 10%. Chain Shirts have 20% ASF; I'm not really interested even in a 10% ASF. Still, it's an interesting option I wasn't aware of before. Now I'm considering a Light Mithral Shield or Mithral Buckler at some point... But the +1,000 gold is a bit beyond my means at this point. *shrug* But since I can get a shield and not an armor, Mage Armor looks even better now. Yes?
It shouldn't be too hard to find the books at half-priced bookstore, since Monopolies of the Coast are strongly encouraging players to dump them at the 1/2 priced bookstore to get their 4e books...

Persist is good when either paired with Reach (for static range), or for buffs like Shield (complete immunity to magic missiles and +4 shield bonus to AC). Repeat Spell is good when paired with Solid Fog or Black Tentacles to hold opponents in place, then Repeated Blastomancy to eliminate them with extreme prejeduce.

Best defense? Mirror Image. Beats any Mage Armor with an ugly stick. And this is the single reason why you want Persist as well, because it is normally rounds/level, but with Persist, can last all day long. I'd rather have a flat 12.5% chance of being hit than jacking up my AC against certain attacks. It works against touch attacks (which mage armor doesn't), and is probably worth 40+ AC equivalent worth of odds of opponents missing.