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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    It shouldn't be too hard to find the books at half-priced bookstore, since Monopolies of the Coast are strongly encouraging players to dump them at the 1/2 priced bookstore to get their 4e books...
    Mm, but rules of the game. We're playing online, so we're only using the things we can all see online.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    Persist is good when either paired with Reach (for static range), or for buffs like Shield (complete immunity to magic missiles and +4 shield bonus to AC). Repeat Spell is good when paired with Solid Fog or Black Tentacles to hold opponents in place, then Repeated Blastomancy to eliminate them with extreme prejeduce.
    Hmm... interesting. I do have a bit of "you're not moving for a while". Good idea. Maybe I should stick Hold Person back in there...

    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    Best defense? Mirror Image. Beats any Mage Armor with an ugly stick. And this is the single reason why you want Persist as well, because it is normally rounds/level, but with Persist, can last all day long. I'd rather have a flat 12.5% chance of being hit than jacking up my AC against certain attacks. It works against touch attacks (which mage armor doesn't), and is probably worth 40+ AC equivalent worth of odds of opponents missing.
    When you put it that way... wow. OK. I had Mirror Image, then it found it's way off the list. I'll try to get it back.

    My 2nd level spells:
    Glitterdust (4)
    Detect Thoughts (5) (need for Loremaster)
    Scorching Ray (7) (only damage spell I have until Disintegrate)
    Invisibility (9)


    And would you then recommend this:
    Arcana Focus (1)
    Enchantment Focus (1, Human)
    Silent Spell (3)
    Heighten Spell (6)
    Repeat Spell (6, Paragon)
    Rapid Metamagic (9)
    Quicken Spell (12)
    Illusion Focus (14, Loremaster)
    Spellcraft Focus (15)
    Persist Spell (18)
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