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    If you still want extend spell for your lower level spells, you can grab a rod of lesser extend for not too much gold.

    Silent spell may be great for the person who suggested it, but it depends on whether or not the DM is tossing silences at you all the time. I've also heard of a player who grabbed gloves of arrow snatching because their DMs had archers ready attacks to disrupt their spells all the time. Or a ring of freedom of movement and/or combat casting / skill focus (concentration) to stop grappling. I took wall of force because - among other reasons - I had a DM sending an anti-magic field apprentice at us every fight. Etc. Or casters that just plain dominate b/c their DMs don't know or use any anti-caster tactics at all. Ideally DMs would use them all and yet not go overboard on any one. What actually happens depends on your campaign.

    IMO keep empower spell at later levels (8++) since you can apply it to both ray of enfeeblement and scorching ray. False life is another handy spell to empower if you're looking for more applications. Especially if you're gonna get into melee for that irresistable dance. Or take another feat entirely. 2-3 spells is a bit limited. I just mean to take something you'll actually use often. If your DM does toss silences left and right, then ok take silent spell.
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