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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    Even without Silences being tossed about, Silent Spell is still very powerful to tandem with a form of Invisibility, because it lets you remain silent and unseen even during casting. With Greater Invisibility, you won't betray your presence with verbal components to make a Listen check to find your general area, so they don't even have a square to attack at 50% miss chance.

    This is also how you prevent the +5 bonus on Charms in a Hostile Situation. You move in while invisible, then Silent Charm Monster. Since he wasn't aware of your presence, he's not recognizing you as being hostile. Sure, you show up, but by that time, he's already your best friend, and who wouldn't want their best friend to show up?
    Yeah, this is the only reason I'm really interested in Silent Spell. It is so up this character's alley...

    Plus, my allies would not mind this at all... especially the Rogue. Greater or regular, do you think? If I get Greater (4th level spells: Solid Fog [8], Enervation [9], Black Tentacles [11], Charm Monster [13]; I'm thinking EBT), I can replace Invisibility on my 2nd level spell list with Mirror Image, which is nice. Considering Invisibility was coming at level 9 anyway... just getting Greater seems to make sense.
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