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Thread: [3.5e] Newbie looking to play with magic

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    Greater Invisibility combos very well with Persist, although you need Thesis or some other way to reduce SL to pull it off. It is flat out all day long invisibility, no matter how many hostile acts you can take. You are completely immune to any and all encounters that are not permanently seeing invisible, which is why I still point it out to you as an option. It really is strong with a LOT of different spells on your list.
    The +2 CL would be somewhat wasted with Greater Invis, though. Metamagic Focus would probably be better.

    Quote Originally Posted by ShneekeyTheLost View Post
    Definately go Greater. 2nd level has too many spells you are wanting, but there are fewer absolutely critical 4th level spells. Stoneskin is a trap, it costs too much to be worth adding as a Spell Known. Black Tentacles and Solid Fog are both very good, but you may want to choose one or the other, since they both do similar things. Dimension Door is handy, but Teleport is just next level, and you don't need them both. Confusion is a Save or Loose spell, but it is mind-affecting. Seriously, it might be right up your alley, though. Re-read it. Phantasmal Killer has TWO saves, AND is Mind-Affecting, so it has too many ways to NOT work. Enervation, however, is a MUST have.

    So you have Black Tentacles/Solid Fog, Enervation, and... confusion. You've still got another slot you can afford to throw Greater Invisibility into, and that way you don't get revealed when you start screwing people over. You can charm a whole encounter by yourself before having to reveal yourself.
    OK, that was more or less the conclusion I had come to. I think ditching EBT makes more sense.

    On the subject of Teleport... How dumb would it be to not get it at 11, and wait til 14 for Greater Shadow Conjuration?
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