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That's... interesting. I assumed I wanted them for the versatility; the Focus in Illusion and high Cha, I was thinking, would mean that I could get past the Will saves most of the time... as for SR, really? I didn't realize that. Oh, I see... Does that mean SR comes into play twice for spells that allow it? Once for Shadow Conj/Evoc, and again for the spell? Ouch...

But the really interesting thing is... I'm not sure I want any of those spells terribly much. Scorching Ray seems likely to do me for blasting until Disintegrate, and then I get Finger of Death... Forcecage and Grasping Hand look solid-ish but not amazing. Contingency I could simply get for real... Cloudkill and Acid Fog might have been somewhat useful but Solid Fog should do. Hmm. Though, getting Contingency when I could get Greater Shadow Evocation that would allow me to do so much more seems... desirable... I'd get Contingency earlier, but not massively... unless I got it with my first or second 5th spell, which I don't really want to do...

I'm not even sure I'd know what to do with Contingency if I had it, anyway...
The standard powergame tactic is Contingency Celerity, which grants you a free standard action. This is generally used to cast the spell you need to get out of the trouble which triggered the contingency.

Spells like Solid Fog don't allow a save, and don't permit SR to interfere... with Shadow Conjuration, they would. It makes a "No Save, you just suck" spell into a "Will save or suck, but only in a limited area", which makes it worse than Slow. So you blow a 7th level spell (Greater Shadow Conjuration) to produce a 4th level effect (solid fog) that is nerfed to the point where it would be better to cast a 3rd level spell (Slow). How is that an effective use of magic?

Besides, 7th level has Mordikain's Magnificent Mansion Love Shack. It's like Rope Trick's bigger brother without the hassle of having to shinny up a rope, and with efficient staff that comes entailed with the property! While not directly combat effective, it gives you a 'reset button' on your spells. When you run low, pop your MMM and take a nap, then come back out refreshed and renewed for the next day of murder and mayhem.

Greater Teleport is also a 7th level spell, and one you should 'trade up' for.

Forcecage is a trap. It costs 1500 gp per casting. Use Greater Shadow Evocation instead. While it grants a Will save (if he makes the save, the forcecage vanishes) it doesn't cost components, and like you said... with the sky-high saves on your illusion spells, it's not going to be easy to make.

Prismatic Spray is another good one, since you are a Sorcerer and not a Wizard who banned Evocation. Roll higher than a 3 and it's a Save or Loose effect. Roll an 8 and it could be TWO Save or Loose effects. In a Cone-shaped burst. Cone of LOSE!

Finger of Death and Reverse Gravity are also nice 7th level spells to have.