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Non-SRD, can't use it.

Well, I actually know Solid Fog, and wouldn't Shadow that. I was talking about Acid Fog, a level 6 spell. Still, point taken. Also, looking at the list... I don't see a lot of Conjuration spells I'd like to have that I don't already know anyway. So Greater Shadow Conjuration is probably out.

Greater Shadow Evocation... It would mean losing a 5th-level spell if I wanted Contingency. Celerity's out, but that doesn't mean I won't want some Contingency. If I ditched Teleport and got Greater Teleport (see below), then I could get Contingency there...
Well, you could get DimDoor at 4th level, skip Teleport, then go straight for Greater Teleport. It's worth the slot due to a lack of error chance.

As for the 8th level spell replacing it, Greater Shout and Sunburst seem the most interesting to me. Probably Sunburst. Thoughts?
Greater Prying Eyes. It's True Sight... without components... and dozens of little spies running around and telling you exactly what is going to come up.

Greater Shadow Evocation. For mimicing Forcecage, Contingency, Force Wall, or any other Evocation-type spell you may want.

Mind Blank. If you get ANY 8th level, get this one. Immunity to mind-affecting and scrying. If you can get a way to cheapen Chain Spell down to a +1 SL, you can chain it to your entire party as well.

Dimensional Lock. Nothing is more annoying than your opponent teleporting away, laughing at you, only to return and kill you in your sleep, or when otherwise preoccupied. Heck, I remember one nasty critter decided to port out, then scry the party from a distance. When we were engaged in a fight for our lives, he teleported in right behind us and started ripping us from a different direction. Ouch. Also, usable while Time Stopped (since it is area effect), to combo with Forcecage and Cloudkill for a very obnoxious combo.

Telekenetic Sphere. Yea, a lot of people overlook this, but it is one of the most valuable defensive spells in the game. Simply drop it down on yourself, and move around to wherever you need to be. It doesn't block Line of Sight, so you can continue casting through it, although you are immune to physical damage.

Polymorph Any Object. Polycheeze at its worst. Turn a Dragon into a Lizard. Permanently. Or, turn yourself into something suitably annoying. One of my favorite combos is PAO the ground underneath an opponent into Lava. 20d6/round, and drop a Forcecage on top to cap it off so he can't get out.

Hmm... Possibly useful. I don't see much point to the servants, though, to be honest. Rope Trick could offer me about as much at CL 9... and I wasn't even planning on getting Rope Trick. The necessity of it is determined almost entirely by how hard the DM makes it for us to get a night's rest, of which there's no way of knowing...
Basically, the servants and the food are there gratis. You get your rest, a back massage, the kinks worked out of your shoulder, and a full 9 course banquet, while waited on hand and foot by invisible servants. Talk about standards of living!

Greater Teleportation seems like a pretty obvious choice, but I already have Teleport, don't want both, and am not taking any extra levels of Sorcerer with which to forget things. I was planning on Teleport at 11 and couldn't get Greater Teleport til 14. Is it worth waiting three levels for Greater?
If you spent a 4th level spell on Dimension Door, then probably. Explain to the party why you want to wait for Greater, and why you can't trade out Teleport for Greater when you gain 7th level spells.

I have Finger of Death and Reverse Gravity. Rev Grav is nice because it's no-SR; Finger of Death because it's die or damage, which I like.
Finger of Death also does not affect some things, because it is a death effect. Any cleric able to cast 4th level spells will yawn in your face, being completely immune thanks to Death Ward. Undead will thank you for casting it on them.

Prismatic Spray... I have a fair number of save-or-loses. And a fair number of no-save you-sucks. Is there any particular reason why that one is better? Three of those are "just" damage, two of them kill any loot the enemy may have had... etc.
It's a fun spell, because it is an area effect Save or either Damage or Dead. It's your only Area Effect Save or Dead that doesn't cost a BUNCH in diamond dust. Plus, it looks cool. Still, not really a 'must have', you've got to have your other bases covered as well.