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    Quote Originally Posted by DragoonWraith View Post
    Ah, not a bad idea... but not sure which 4th level spell I'd ditch. I'm getting Solid Fog, Enervation, Greater Invisibility, and Charm Monster. The first two are extremely good, the third you recommended yourself and I like having, and the fourth is just appropriate to the character.
    I'd skip the Charm Monster, personally, but that's just my taste. Those are all really solid spells, I don't know what to suggest here.

    I had certainly considered that. Just sort of frustrating to get another Divination spell when I already have three I don't really want.
    Yea, qualifying for Loremaster as a Sorcerer really, REALLY sucks[/quote]

    The Real Question is when. Currently I'm getting it on level 20, at which point it almost doesn't matter because I don't imagine we'll be playing much at level 20. Irresistable Dance and (currently) Greater Shadow Evocation are my other two 8th spells (at 19 and 17, respectively).
    When will you need to be immune to mind-affecting and scrying? If you find your party (or any weak-willed people in the party) are getting hit a lot by charms, fears, confusions, and the like... grab this FIRST. Drop it on the Party Tank, who normally has a low Will save, and you won't have to worry about your buddy turning into another opponent.

    Mm... powerful, if I have a lot of teleporting foes. Difficult to gauge. Considering I only get three 8th-level spells...
    Again, this is one of those spells that you need to get the feel of your GM to determine use. If you find opponents teleporting, using Ethereal or Astral to dodge, or something of that nature, then it is worth it. Keep in mind, friendly fire... it will keep YOU from teleporting in that area as well.

    Hm... this one's really cool. I like the idea of floating myself around. Heh.
    If you have any friends who play WoW, just say "Hey, could be worse... at least I'm not a Ret Pally". They'll get it. And laugh. And probably throw dice or books at you.

    Yeah... I don't really want to go there. I haven't taken any of the morph spells and I'm pretty much avoiding it. Disguise or Alter Self would be nice, but I have other things to do with those spell slots.
    Don't blame you, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Heh, considering I have a trait that gives -2 to Survival and prevents me from using it as an untrained skill, it may be fitting. But I'm also not playing a character who is overly interested in material wealth or luxury. He's lived his life as lower-middle class but comfortably because he doesn't have overly expensive taste (and because he got the money he had as a con-artist, which means he didn't really have to work for it).
    Consider it this way: You aren't living beyond your means, you are merely providing yourself those creature comforts that you simply do not wish to do without.

    I'm aware of the Undead, but I assumed those immune to Death effects would still take the damage (as if they had saved). Is this incorrect?
    Nope, the damage is Negative Energy, so they're immune to that as well. Also makes them immune to Enervation. To kill Clerics quickly, I highly suggest Solid Fog and point your meat shield/charmed or dominated guy in it's direction. Failing that, area saturation with blastomancy. Their reflex save generally sucks, this is one of those few situations in which blasting works. In other words, Greater Shadow Evocation for Delayed Blast Fireball. It's still 80% 'real' if he makes his Will save.

    Ah, AOE. Had not considered that. Plus rolling is fun. Hmm, hmm, hmm. Not a bad idea, by any means. I could use more AOE. Especially since I am going for Mastery of Shaping.
    Yea, it's all kind of cracktackular good with Mastery of Shaping...
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