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    "I'll make sure to dispose of YOUR remains PROPERLY!"

    The redeemer is a druid or ranger that has taken it upon herself to fight the rampant pollution and destruction of natural resources created by the manufacture of firearms and other blackpowder devices. For this purpose, the forces of nature provide her with a powerful weapon known as a "gunseed."


    Most Redeemers start as multiclass Ranger/Druids, but single classed redeemers are not unheard of. Rarely, a cleric with the plant or animal domain will become a redeemer.

    Base Attack Bonus:+5
    Skills:: Knowledge (Nature) 6 ranks
    Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Firearms)
    Special: Ability to cast 2nd level Divine Spells

    Class Skills
    The Redeemer's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Concentration (Con), Diplomacy (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Hide (Dex), Jump (Str), Listen (Wis), Knowledge (Nature) (Int), Move Silently (Dex), Spot (Wis), Swim (Str), and Survival (Wis).
    Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int

    Hit Dice: d8

    {table=head]Level |Base Attack Bonus |Fortitude Save |Reflex Save |Will Save |Class Features |Spells Per Day
    1 |+0 |+0 |+2 |+2 |Gunseed, Code of Conduct|-
    2 |+1 |+0 |+3 |+3 |Ammoseed (Kudzu Net)|+1 Existing Spell Progression
    3 |+2 |+1 |+3 |+3 |Sculpt Gunseed, Ironbark Shield|+1 Existing Spell Progression
    4 |+3 |+1 |+4 |+4 |Ammoseed (Parasite Root) |+1 Existing Spell Progression
    5 |+3 |+1 |+4 |+4 |Primal Retrogression|+1 Existing Spell Progression
    6 |+4 |+2 |+5 |+5 |Quick Regrowth, Ammoseed (Rose Thicket)|-
    7 |+5 |+2 |+5 |+5 |Cycle's Embrace |+1 Existing Spell Progression
    8 |+6 |+2 |+6 |+6 |Ammoseed (Flytrap Sentry) |+1 Existing Spell Progression
    9 |+6 |+3 |+6 |+6 |Spiritbark Shield |+1 Existing Spell Progression
    10 |+7 |+3 |+7 |+7 |Verdigris Repossesion|-[/table]

    Gunseed (Su): Upon becoming a Redeemer, you manifest a small, spiritual "seed" in whichever of your apendages is suitable for holding objects (the hands in the case of humanoid creatures). This seed is called a gunseed, and you are instantly proficient in its use. As a move action, you can cause the seed to grow out of your hand to create an organic replica of a revolver or other handgun. The gunseed is made of sturdy ironwood, leaves, vines, and other plant material, but it is just as hard and sturdy as metal. You can reverse the gun back into seed form (that is, the gun withers back into your hand) as a free action. You may only have one gunseed active at a given time. Your hands radiate moderate Transmutation magic.

    When active, the gunseed can be used to fire special "bullets" that generate inside the weapon. These bullets are organic in nature and disintegrate immediately after striking an object. The gunseed deals 2d6 points of piercing damage and has a range of 50 feet. The gunseed scores a critical hit on a roll of 20 and deals triple damage. The gunssed acts as a firearm in all respects, using your base attack bonus and dexterity modifier to modify attack rolls and can make multiple attacks in a round if your base attack bonus allows. Any feats that apply to a revolver, such as Weapon Focus or Rapid Shot, apply to the gunseed.

    Your ammunition count does not change when you grow a new gunseed. You retain the number of "bullets" you had when you last deactivated the gunseed. If any effect would lower your maximum ammo capacity (see Scult Gunseed, below), any excess ammunition disappears.

    The gunseed can fire 6 bullets before needing to be reloaded. Reloading is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity, and refills the ammunition count to 6, regardless of how much ammunition was spent.

    You can be disarmed of your gunseed or have it sundered as you could of any weapon, but doing so causes the weapon to wither instantly. You may grow the weapon as usual on subsequent turns.

    "Bullets" fired from the gunseed count as magic for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction. You gain a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with the gunseed at 3rd level and each odd-numbered level thereafter..

    Code of Conduct: As a redeemer, you may never use any bomb or firearm aside from your gunseed. You cannot use any gunpowder or blackpower device. Additionally, you must actively oppose those who would severely pollute any evironment, such as dumping oil into open water or spewing smoke into the air at a constant. This opposition need not be violent, and can come in the form of negotiations and protests. You simply must do something to try and permanently stop the adverse effects on the environment. Failing these rules means you lose all supernatural abilities granted by your redeemer levels. You must seek an Atonement spell to regain your abilities.

    Ammoseed (Su): Beginning at 2nd level, the you gain the ability fire special types of ammunition from your gunseed. Firing an ammoseed is a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + Your Wisdom modifier, and each use expends one use of ammunition from your gunseed.
    • Kudzu Net: You target a single creature within range of your gunseed. You fire a special seed at the target that erupts into an entangling mass upon impact. The target gets a Reflex Save (DC10 + your class level + your Dexterity modifier) to negate the effect. If the target fails the save, he becomes entangled.
    • Parasite Roots: This seed creates a fast growing root structure that destroys weapons from the inside. You target one object or construct within range of your gunseed. If the object is held by a creature, that creature gets a Reflex save (DC10 + your class level + your Dexterity modifier) to negate the effect. The targeted object or construct takes 1d6 points of damage per round until it is destroyed. This damage ignores hardness and damage reduction. This ability is ineffective against objects larger than 10 square feet in size. If the effect comes within the area of an Anti-Plant Shell spell, the damage ceases instantly and the seed is destroyed.
    • Rose Thicket: This seed is targeted at an area rather than a creature. You cause a 20-foot radius thicket of thorny roses to spring up at any point within range of yoru gunseed. This area is considered difficult terrain. Any creature that passes through the area takes 1d4 points of piercing damage from the thorns. The thicket lasts for 1 minute.
    • Flytrap Sentry: This seed targets an area rather than a creature. Choose one space in range of your gunseed. The space must contain solid ground. A large flytrap-like plant erupts from the chosen space. Any creature that moves adjacent or through the space is subject to a bite attack from the flytrap. The flytrap's attack bonus is equal to your Base Attack Bonus + Your Wisdom modifier, and it deals 1d8 + Your Wisdom modifier damage on a successful hit. The flytrap can only make one such attack against a single creature per round. The flytrap does not attack you.

    Sculpt Gunseed (Su): As of 3rd level, you gain the ability morph and grow your gunseed into different types of guns. You may do this as part of the action required to grow your gunseed, or you may reshape your gunseed as a Standard action while it is already active. In any form, your gunseed follows all of the rules presented above unless otherwise noted. In addition to the revolver/handgun form, you can shape your gunseed into the following forms:
    • Rifle: Your gunseed becomes a two-handed weapon that deals 2d8 points of damage and has a range of 100 feet. However, your ammunition capacity is 2 rather than six.
    • Shotgun: Your gunseed becomes a two-handed weapon that deals 2d8 points of damage and has a range of 15 feet. If you are adjacent to your target you deal additional damage equal to your Wisdom modifier.
    • Twin Pistols: Your gunseed has all of its normal statistics, but you manifest one in each hand. The penalty for fighting with two weapons while wielding your gunseeds is reduced by 2. The enhancement bonus for each gun is 2 less than the enhancement bonus applied to your regular gunseed.

    Ironbark Shield (Su): Also at 3rd level, you may rapidly reshape your gunseed to protect your from incoming attacks. As an immediate action, you gain a shield bonus to AC equal to your redeemer level. This ability can be used after an attack is declared but before it hits. Because of the energy expenditure required to use this ability, the shield only applies against a single attack before returning to its normal shape.

    Primal Retrogression (Su): At 5th level, you gain the remarkable ability to reverse pollution and other harmful side-effects of civilization by channeling natural energy through your gunseed. Your gunseed must be fully loaded to use this ability, which requires a full-round action. You generate a spread with a 100-foot radius, centered on you. Within the spread, the following effects take place:
    • All water within the area is purified as per the Purify Food and Drink spell.
    • Any effect that disallows the growth of plantlife ends within the area. The effect must be activated again to affect the area within this spead.
    • Harmful gases, airborne posions, and waterborne poisons present in the area are nullified completely. If created by a spell or other ongoing supernatural effect, that effect ends. All airborne contaminations are removed from the area.

    Using this ability expends all of your gunseed's ammunition.

    Quick Regrowth (Su): At 6th levels, you may reload or reshape your gunseed as a move action rather than a standard action. You may grow your gunseed as a Swift action rather than a move action.

    Cycle's Embrace (Su): At 7th level and higher, you can accelerate the decomposition of any creature you kill with your gunseed. If you deal enough damage to lower a creature's Hit Points to -10 or less, the creature deteriorates completely in 3 rounds. A True Ressurection Spell or a Wish or Miracle spell is required to bring the creature back to life.

    Spiritbark Shield (Su): At 9th level, your Ironbark Shield ability improves. The shield bonus granted by this ability is retained against touch attacks and ranged touch attacks.

    Verdigris Repossession (Su): At 10th level, you gain the spectacular ability to return firearms, bombs, and ammunition to nature. Your gunseed must be fully loaded to use this ability, which requires a full-round action. You generate a 100-foot radius burst, centered on you. Within the burst, the following effects take place:
    • The area is overrun by sudden plant growth. All creatures in the area must make a Reflex Save (DC20 + Your Wisdom Modifier) or take 9d6 points of Bludgeoning damage. Objects and buildings in the area take the same damage. This damage does not ignore hardness.
    • The area is considered Difficult Terrain for 1 minute, at which point the plant life receeds to levels reasonable for a healthy area of the particular environment you are in.
    • All firearms, bombs, and ammunition become useless as their metal parts corrode and their wooden pieces erupt into living plants. Magical firearms, bombs, or ammunition recieve a Fortitude saving throw (DC20 + Your Wisdom Modifier) to negate the effect. Constructs in the area must make a Fortitude save (same DC as above) or take 10d6 points of damage.
    • All machinery or equipment used to manufacture or craft firearms, bombs, or ammunition become useless as they become overrun with plantlife and age as though they had not been tended to for hundreds of years.
    • All steam engines in the area cease functioning permanently, as plantlife overrun the devices. Coal is returned to the earth and water used to cool the engines are evaporated and returned to the water cycle.

    Using this ability expends all of your gunseed's ammunition. You may choose for this ability to not affect a number of squares in the area equal to 1 + your Wisdom modifier (minimum 1 square).

    As a redeemer, you are a staunch defender of nature and refuse to allow any harm to come to the pristine lands you roam. Most redeemers are neutral, caring only for the earth and its creatures. These redeemers likely choose an area to protect, fending off loggers and others who they perceive as threats to the area.
    Good redeemers are more likely than neutral redeemers to travel and go out of their way to stop destruction. Good redeemers are also more tolerant of her companions using firearms; only the gross overuse of resources by an ally will give a good redeemer pause.
    Evil redeemers do exist, and they are among the most frightening defenders of nature in existence. Evil redeemers prefer to hunt down those who defile nature and let them feel the pain they inflict before tending to the areas they destroyed.
    Combat: You are primarily a marksman, but don't forget that you also have your spells. A lot of your abilities disable or hinder your foes, so make use of battlefield control effects. When your enemies are properly occupied, deal with them as quickly as possible.
    Advancement: As the gunseed is your most prominent ability, pick up feats that emphasize and improve your ranged attacks. Your class features are useful to you whether you want to snipe or skirmish, so plan according to your preferred style.

    "Some would say they got it right, other's'd say they're settin' back civilization. Me, I'm just caught up on the whole 'gun-plant' thing!"

    Thoughts on redeemers are varied. As one might guess, any company that produces wares at major expense to the environment draws the ire of the redeemers, and ire is drawn from the company in return. Those who oppose that rampant destruction of nature hold redeemers in high regard.
    Daily Life: Most redeemers spend their daily lives as they did before taking up the role of the redeemer. But once they perceive a threat to nature, the redeemers are the first to act.
    Organizations: Redeemers are few and far between, and as such have none of their own organizations. However, any organization that accepts druids will readily allow a redeemer into their ranks.

    NPC Reaction
    Most NPCs react to you in the same way they would to a druid or ranger. Once you have made your mission known, however, NPCs are likely to react much more extremely. Some might offer themselves up as potential allies, while those who oppose you might take extra care to see that you stay out of their hair.

    This is a good place to provide a quick note on how your class will effect game play statistically.
    Adaptation: This is a place where you put in detail how people can adapt your class into their campaign setting.
    Encounters: This is a place to describe what sort of encounters PC's will have with NPC versions of your class.
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