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    Some Ability Ideas:
    Synchronized Strike: Getting hit by one partner in Melee provokes an attack of opportunity from the other once per turn.
    Synchronized Defense: Attacking one partner in melee, provided that partner is not flat-footed, provokes an attack of opportunity from the other once per turn.

    Double Charge: Two Partners may, if possible, Charge a single foe simultaneously, in which case they both receive an additional +4 bonus to attack and damage.

    Maybe some more later.

    Edit: Also, I'm thinking of moving "I'll wait, you go" and "We'll both go" to 2nd and 4th level, since alot of their abilities rely on them being near each other.

    Double Edit: An idea I'm throwing around for a high-level ability, "Vengence Fury", If one partner is killed in battle, the other Rages as a barbarian of a level equal to their character level.
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