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    Default Re: GitP WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne group (thread II)

    Woot new thread :), but not to be an entirely useless post the wgw site is gone. The new NANS site is http://s1.zetaboards.com/Clan_NANS/index/ there are not any guides up yet but there should be soon. It has mostly been NM replays. I also put a guide to setting up vent up there. So if anyone wants to check it out go for it.

    Edit: On swat who do you think should be leader? I am guessing that I would be best, but do not want to be the leader if someone(s) don't want me to. So if you would be in the SWAT group post your opinion on who would be leading. The people that I think play swat enough and are good enough to lead (I have not really seen them lead much so...) are U-gotNOgame and nooblade. Also if possible (especially if I am leading) I would like to have everyone in a x-fire chat. This makes leading much easier. For several reasons, but mainly you can give detailed instructions with out wasting the time or having the chance of dieing while typing.
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