Well, I spent the day at home, staring at my finger (I think I'll call him stumpy... I'm even more hideous now than the last picture), letting it air out and dry after being stuck in bandaids for so long. Turns out the skin looks better after that, so it probably was a wetness thing making it look too white and unhealthy rather than a more serious problem, I'm relieved. Having stumpy exposed will take some getting used to though, visually and also for being careful about it.

I think I'll try playing d2 with one hand, It's quite a bit slower than SWAT in most cases and SSoG posted a rather cool javazon guide where you use 1pt in freezing arrow just to freeze everthing (upwards of 5 seconds in Hell, it's really cool how cold durations on items are added to the freeze length there), then blast it with poison and lightning javelins. Plus I haven't ever tried the CB, lvl 1 guided arrow combo suggested against bosses.