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    Default Re: GitP WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne group (thread II)

    The guides of this group are a rather recent innovation, say within the past 3-6 months.

    As for Melee guides I was thinking of writing some myself. If nothing else other than a Unit comparison chart. As having the best units from each race is one of the ways to help gain dominance in team games.

    Libertarian_SDR's Warcraft III Unit Comparison Guide

    Note: Stats listed are after full upgrades. Beginning Stats are in Parentheses.

    Tier 1 Melee Units

    Cost 200 G 3 F
    HP 800 (700)
    Damage Type Normal
    Armor Type Heavy
    Avg.Damage 30 (19.5)
    Armor 7 (1)
    Speed 270

    Cost 135 G 2 F
    HP 420
    Damage Type Normal
    Armor Type Heavy
    Avg.Damage 17 (12.5)
    Armor 8 (2)
    Speed 270

    Defend: Can reduce ranged damage at the expense of speed

    Cost 120 G 2 F
    HP 330
    Damage Type Normal
    Armor Type Heavy
    Avg.Damage 17.5 (13)
    Armor 6 (0)
    Speed 350 (270)

    Cost 195 G 20 L 3 F
    HP 600
    Damage Type Normal
    Armor Type Unarmored
    Avg.Damage 23* (17*)
    Armor 8 (2)
    Speed 350
    Range 22 (ground only)

    *The projectiles of the Huntress bounce between multiple units so the damage can be misleading when dealing with massed units.
    **Technically the Huntress isn't a melee unit, but it fills much the same role in the
    Night Elf army.


    Of the first 3 Grunts, Ghouls, and Footmen all are available from the entry level barracks.
    While Hunts are only available after a hunters hall is built.

    In terms of power both Hunts and Grunts have the advantage in overall power but both are pricy.

    Footmen and Ghouls are the underdogs for early melee forces but do have their strengths.
    (aka being cheap)
    Footmen after purchasing the Defend upgrade will do better against ranged forces.

    Ghouls have a rather high attack speed after researching Ghoul Frenzy and their damage will add up quickly as a result.

    Later Tiers for T1 melee

    Tier 1 melee units will always benefit from caster support.
    Once you hit tier 3 though their applications dwindle to either support or to be phased out completely as there are far better units out there.

    This is far from complete but is up for modification at your leisure.
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