Well... while I basically agree with you that there are dozens of good guides out there, I feel there are still a couple of reasons why having a guide of our own creation here might be a good idea.
Firstly, people are lazy - they might be okay with reading a guide that is presented to them, but not feel like searching for one.
Secondly, many of the guides out there are not good - some omit important parts, some are poorly written and explain what they mean badly, some are outright wrong. And to make matters worse, newbies - i.e., the people who might be the most interested in such a guide - are also the ones the least qualified to determine whether a guide is good or not.
Thirdly, a guide we created ourselves has the advantage that we can expand it ourselves, as we please.
And fourthly, a self-created guide can address issues particularly important to the people in the group.

So... yes, I'm definitely going to write a guide for melee - at least a general one, and one for Undead. If need be, I think I can also write a more or less competent guide for the other races as well (well... maybe not Humans...).

Not today though. Tired from work.