And I'll be able to join in the latter part of that meeting along with stubby!

It's good enough to use a mouse now, actually quite well healed with some of the sutures still remaining around the nail in unobtrusive places, that and I don't need to push any buttons with it. I hold the mouse with thumb and pinky anyway. The rest of the bio-degradable sutures come out with soap and water. Typing again will be difficult though, it feels numb all the time when I touch things (the palm of my hand feels the same as a counter-top to that fingertip ), and keystrikes with it kinda hurt even though I have a solid fleshy part to use, so I'll wait a couple days before trying that again. Also on the plus side, you'd have to look really close to see that something's wrong with the finger, it's less than a centimeter shorter than before.

Handwriting has worked for a while now and that leads to what's getting in the way of our meeting: the final exam in circuits! I'm looking forward to it actually, I feel ready for this one, about time I got it over with. Little preparation and review time is all I need.