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    Quote Originally Posted by HamsterOfTheGod View Post
    And for all those that liked Wanda, now that Wanda has admitted to betraying FAQ for Fate, do you like her any less?

    Or if you were a staunch Stanley defender, do you have like him any less now that you know Stanley sacked FAQ?
    I already thought that Stanley sacked FAQ (I always thought that any theories otherwise were really getting into epileptic trees territory), and I always sort of suspected that Wanda betrayed them, since it seemed in-character for her.

    Ansom is basically the same as he always was. He just switched one stick up his ass for another; now he thinks that arkentools give people the right to rule others, rather than noble bloodlines. He might be more amusing this way, though; I do find his about-face to be slightly amusing overall, even if it's magically-induced. It somehow seems to fit with his character.
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