Hi guys, let me introduce you my situation.
I play in a high-powered/high-magic campaign with my level 20 Warblade and I'm about to go epic (by taking a level in Eternal Blade).
I've not yet discussed with my DM how to handle the issue of epic Intiators and Maneuvers, but I'd like to propose him a peculiar solution.
We play in the Forgotten Realms, where the Spells are capped at level 9 because of Karsus cataclysm and Mystra's subsequent birth, who recreated the Weave with new strict rules; but Manevers do not depend on the Weave and so, IMHO, there's no reason to cap their level.
I want to suggest to my DM new Maneuvers beyond level 9 and new Epic Feats that grant the access to these new degrees of power.

Here is where I need the help of a homebrewing-community (the Best one, may I add).
I'd like to know what do you think about this project before posting some of my first ideas.