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IMHO this Manuever seems a little too strong for his level, but that's mainly because I consider 10th level Maneuver to be learnt by 21st level Martial Adept (whilst your Martial Lore prerequisite sets the minimum Martial Adept level to 25).

My intent is to create beyond-nine-level Maneuvers that can be easily learnt and used by newly-epic character.
Regarding your Maneuver, I'd move it to level 11 (therefore restricting the access to level 25 or higher Martial Adept).
The Recharge Time is an interesting feature: I take a little time to consider its introduction.
I think Djinn is basing it on epic spellcasting, where they're always considered 10th-level spells (IIRC). All your Epic Maneuvers would be Level 10, but you'd have to meet the OTHER prerequisites before you could learn them.