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Thread: [3.5 ToB] Maneuvers beyond level 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by rtg0922 View Post
    I think Djinn is basing it on epic spellcasting, where they're always considered 10th-level spells (IIRC). All your Epic Maneuvers would be Level 10, but you'd have to meet the OTHER prerequisites before you could learn them.
    Exactly. The maneuver level determines nothing but minimum Initiator level and Maneuver DC, but if all Epic Maneuvers have a DC set at (10 + 1/2 Initiator level) (which scales nicely, even at Epic levels), then we'd only need the level for the minimum Initiator level...which the skill requirement replaces nicely.

    Heart of Iron
    Iron Heart (Stance)
    Level: Crusader 10, Swordsage 10,Warblade 10
    Prerequisites: 6 Iron Heart maneuvers, (Homebrewed Epic Iron Heart Feat), Martial Lore 33 ranks.
    Range: Personal

    Through intense martial training, you have surpassed the normal limits of humanity, becoming nothing more than a machine of cold, precise destruction.

    While in this stance, you gain the following benefits:

    -Immunity to critical hits, ability damage, ability drain, energy drain, stunning, sleep, poison, paralysis, fatigue, exhaustion, neasua, dazing, sickening, death effects, necromantic spells and abilities, negative energy and fear effects.
    -Damage Reduction of (1/2 your Initiator Level)/-
    -A +10 Martial bonus to Strength and Constitution. This bonus increases by +2 for each additional 5 ranks in Martial Lore you have beyond the required 30.
    -Each round, you may make a saving throw against any and all harmful effects upon you, even if these effects would not normally allow a saving throw. The DC (if there isn't one normally) is 10 + the Challenge Rating of the initiating effect. A successful save ends the effect.
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