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Thread: [3.5 ToB] Maneuvers beyond level 9

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    Ah. Well, the conversion should still be easy. I happen to prefer the skill requirement (and it's not like Epic Spellcasting, which requires a skill check. It's just a minimum requirement, like a feat). That said, you can either make it the equivalent in your system, or replace the Martial Lore ranks with the respective school rank (so Tiger Claw becomes Jump, for example).

    Magnificant Descent of the Sun Tiger
    Desert Wind/Tiger Claw (Strike)
    Level:Swordsage 10
    Prerequisites: 5 Desert Wind maneuvers, 5 Tiger Claw maneuvers, (homebrewed Epic Tiger Claw feat, homebrewed Epic Desert Wind feat), Martial Lore 40 ranks.
    Initiation Action: 2 full-round actions
    Range: 1,000ft. radius
    Target: All enemies within range.
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Epic Recharge: 1 week

    With a mighty roar you leap into the heavens, vanishing completely from sight. Seconds pass in silence until you descend from above in a ravaging column of immolating flames, trailing the fires of the noonday sun in your wake. All your foes hear is your feral scream, and then nothing is audible but the roar of terrible flames.

    During the first round you Initiate this maneuver, you leap up to the sun itself, effectively removing yourself from the combat. For 1 round you are beyond the reach of mortal magic, and are immune to all damage and all effects of attacks that would target you, whether benificial or harmful.

    At the end of your turn during the second round you Initiate this maneuver, your flaming figure streaks back towards earth, landing in an eruption of solar fire. All creatures within 1,000ft. must make a Reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2 your Initiator Level + your Wisdom modifier) or take 5d6 points of fire damage per Initiator level (a successful save results in half damage). Regardless of the success of this first save, all creatures exposed to the effect must also make a Fortitude save at the same DC or perish instantly (this is not treated as a Death effect). Creatures killed in either manner are turned to ash.

    This fire damage is far more potent than anything on earth, and, as such, overcomes all resistances or immunities, except those possessed by creatures actually composed of flame (for example: a Salamander is damaged and must save-or-die, while a Fire Elemental is not).

    This power levels plant-life and buildings within the radius, and nothing can grow on the destroyed land for at least 1 year. Water is instantly turned to steam, and the ground is left hard, blackened, and desolate.
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