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    The one point made in this thread so far that I agree with is that Erfworld can do what Earth couldn't; get Parson to take control of his environment. If the overall arc had had some visible focus on that rather than this last-minute swerve into guilt trips it might've been far more interesting.

    Other than that, blah. This comic has been trying too hard and not going anywhere worthwhile.

    The whole guilt trip thing is particularly untenable. It's a game world. The people in it exist (pop) for the purpose of fighting and dying. There can't possibly be any guilt involved in making that happen and doing it well. Actually it's downright crazy to suggest otherwise - and I still don't believe a dedicated gamer, put in that situation, would have the guilt reaction.

    Anyway I'll get out of the echo chamber and let you all get on with the praising now.
    Hmm. But, is it a guilt trip? I know that Parson recognizing the erfworlder's as real people is part of the dynamics, however, it is really focused on "Erfworld" controlling Parson. Like a game piece. People have the last say on whatever they do on Earth. When you are in Erfworld though, you do what Erfworld tells you to do else you get kicked out. Or,in other terms, you die. There is no other option. What I believe Parson is doing here is taking that final control on whatever actions he makes. That's what it means to be a player.

    So, can Parson swear whenever he feels like it now? Could he directly disobey an order to remain silent without disbanding? It remains to be seen. To say this is nothing but a guilt trip is not fully appreciating what is happening. In essence, this is Parson's struggle against the Erfworld universe. That he is no instrument of fate that must play his part. This was the real battle. And he won.
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