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    I am extremely difficult to satisfy with endings. Extremely.

    I have been disappointed universally with Lord of the Rings, Hitch Hikers Guide, which in turn are some of my favourite books. So don't take this too personally.

    I do really like what you've done with this. I like the direction you've taken it in. I just really dislike endings that aren't endings. This, if anything, is about 40 pages before the ending. :P

    This is the main reason I don't write, I cannot write endings that satisfy myself.
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    Looking for a PBP 3.5 game.
    PM me for more details on any of the below characters, or see here
    Gnome Illusionist. Preferably with Cityscape allowed.

    Kender Spellthief.

    LG Hellbred Cleric of Levistus. Fiendish Codex needed.
    Low levels good but hope to reach epic.

    Wizard developing his own school of magic.
    Low levels good but hope to reach >18.
    1 custom feat request but it isn't vital.

    Warforge Artificer (Backstory not Eberron specific)
    Minimum level 6. Needs dryad cohort.